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Sticky Post.

My name is Amy.
Ima college student living at home who works not enough and mostly as a babysitter.
A cellist who never gets to play.
And a Switchfoot fam who loves way too many other bands and artists.

I dont post much on here-I should considering I write poems and short stories. And heck, even as much as i write on my blogpost and twitter I don't post em much.
I mostly got LJ to keep up with my good friend supergreak  and quickly became more involved into fanfictions and fandoms that I have loved, do love, have been loving, and am growing to love.

So I guess that makes me a bit of a LJ creeper/lurker.

Other than that-I'll prolly add you if you're nice enough and I respond to most comments and other things.
I may be creepery but I'm nice. :D

I don't know how to end this SOO.

Got your tissues? Okay good.

I can think of a few selects scenes wher eIve cried with Doctor Who, but I've mentioned it before.
And its Def this one:Spoilers for just about every season ahead!Collapse )

Todays is something cool Ive come across.
I listen to the nerdist podcast on itunes. its fun. I mean, there is kinf of frequent bad language and innuendos and the such but you get people like Craig Ferguson talking about Doctor Who.
Its just about nerdy stuff.

Well this is from the site.
One of the writers has started post a Doctor who thing and I will link the article titles.

Doctor Who for Newbies: The First Doctor
Doctor Who for Newbies: The Second Doctor
Doctor Who for Newbies: The Third Doctor
Doctor Who for Newbies: The Fourth Doctor
Doctor Who for Newbies: The Fifth Doctor

 also, have you heard the news?
The Doctor will not only be in America but is also now immortal.

Have your tissues for tomorrows post.
Sorry Im such a bad poster.
Ive been busy and life is crazy.

I couldn't think of much for this one then I remmbered stuff my friend Emily posted.
She made ..........Collapse )
I haven't read any FanFic for Doctor who.

I used to read FanFic for Harry Potter back in the day before book 5 and 6 and sometimes I like reading ones about harry and Ginny and ron and hermione and their togetherness, but I jsut cant read DW fanfic for some reason.

Maybe cause its all mostly Ten/Rose or Rose/Ten ll which I do not ship at all

(Rose/Nine People!!!)

Anyways. chyea.
I just recently got a tumblr.

I put off this post and then was on muh tumblr and saw a post I liked.

Then I realized it might mean another account.

I really like this one: http://doctorwhosexualreview.tumblr.com/

It's a fun one to follow.
And we continue on with the theme that the best villians are in my favourite episodes.

BTW, Im telling you now, its not Daleks. Just because the Doctor and Jack have issues with them..not me.
And not even Cybermen!
I know, right?

Any Guesses?Collapse )
Okay I have two..three for this.
Because even though they are the villains that freak me out the most..they are most definitely the best.

When you're a kid, thats what scares you the mostCollapse )
I unintentionally took the weekend off.
But in my defense, I've been sick since Thursday morning.

Fancy Tickling today.....
Because I cant think of much..we head to the Youtubes!!!


Enjoy. ^___^
My favourite season.

I have yet to watch classic who so that's out.

and after thinking about it.

I have to say.....Series 4.

For multiple reasons.
First off.

<3Collapse )

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